Beard Electrolysis- Is 100% removal possible?

I have been getting electrolysis done on my beard, but as a genetic male and no plans to transition with female hormones, is it possible to get 100% beard hair removal? I have been seeing results and reduction in my facial hair as a result of the sessions but I am just interested in knowing if the time and money i’m spending is worth it. I hate facial hair and ultimately i would want 100% removal.

It’s absolutely possible to eliminate all of your currently growing hair. Being a cis-gendered male you will have androgens that will over your lifetime , stimulate folliles that have never grown a hair before to suddenly start doing so, however, the number would be few compared to the overall process and could likely be accomplished by a few touch up sessions every year.
It sounds like you are getting a little down on yourself over the issue, and I will say that this too is normal. Stick with the electrolysis and see it through and you will yeild results you can live with.

Our clinics only use galvanic multi probe for male beards so very comfortable to answer from my perspective only - each method will have a different experience to deliver the expected outcome
Yes, you can have 100% removal however every fine hair as well as coarse, must also be removed, in other words a complete strip - this we guarantee
If you go to my website under client stories, you will see a testimonial from Dominique. We did a complete strip using galvanic multi probe - 32 probes - this photo was taken before we did a treatment - as you can see there was nothing to treat and from my experience possibly will never have to do another treatment on him.
Sylvia, also there, had a full face of coarse hair. We completed her face with a full strip using again 32 probes to start then cutting back to 16. Indian skin. This photo was taken 20 years after we completed the strip and as you can see before treatment there was 1 hair in the centre of the cheek.
Most people who have had a severe facial issue or like Dominique who just want the beard off, will check in every few years as a security blanket but you really have to search to find the hairs as you can see by the photos
I will leave blend and thermolysis up to the others who prefer these modalities to fill you in on expectations to achieve the same outcome

Permanence, I’m very impressed by your website and rare to see client testimonies with photo documentations. I too like galvanic and cleared hairs on my own using single needle galvanic but I can’t imagine how long in terms of hours does it take to clear a dense beard? When you work with galvanic on faces is your range under a minute per hair or you prefer low mA and longer times on faces? I worked as high as 0.5–1.5 mA on scrotal hair but 30 seconds and under. I guess 32 needles do help haha.

Adam, it’s totally possible to get it all removed. You didn’t say how many hours you’re at or whether you had a really full beard to start with…

I’m a client not a technician… so for me I noticed a real drop off after one year and at 129 hours. I’ve always done 2 hour sessions but finally at that time I was able to get a full clearance in 2 hours - every 2-3 weeks.

Now I’m at the end of year 2 - (163 hours total on face) and still clearing every 2-3 weeks but it’s around 45 minutes now, and now she’s clearing every small invisible hairs that I could barely see anyway. There are just a few dark coarse hairs left each time. (My wife is older and she jokes that she has more hair on her face than I do…)

I am a pretty serious cross-dresser, so I will keep at it for now, but otherwise I would call it a day and just pluck the remaining coarse ones when they pop up.