battery powered rotary epilator

Hi! I have currently use a Braun (whichever version is blue) and I have to use it daily. I’m fairly happy with the results, but I am going to be going away for a month. There will not be any electrical outlets, so I need to get a battery powered rotary epilator. Does Braun have a good model? If not, what’s the best battery powered kind out there?

WHy would you need to epilate daily?

I don’t think any of them will make it even close to a month. You have no access to electricity for a month? They make sun powered chargers, you can go to a camping store to see them, they will charge a cell phone or pda, so probably an epilator also. Or, just shave for the month.

I use the Emjoi Opti Max, and cannot epilate my entire body once on a charge. Otherwise, its a wonderful device, and I would buy it anyway.

i’m not sure why i have to epilate daily. i think i got my hair growth cycles screwed up so that every hair is on a different cycle. something like that.
i don’t mean rechargeable. i mean battery powered. like AA batteries or AAA batterials. 9 volt. something like that
i’m leaving very soon, so i would appreciate any recommendations of good models to buy.