Baton Rouge: Darla Thompson electrolysis

Darla Thompson Electrolysis Darla Thompson 4813 Southwind Drive Baton Rouge, La 70816 (225) 752-1089 Closed sunday: early to late By appointment only. Hourly rate: $ 40 or $75 for 2. Types of probes available: disposable, non-disposable, insulated, non-insulated. Chosen through: advertisement, non-TG referral. Free consultation with hairs treated for free. Certification displayed. Wears gloves and mask.

Respondent Comments: Darla I very friendely and has a wonderfull personality. She understands money vs time. She will work with you on appointment times. She is T/G friendely. She works for her self from her home. She make you feel confortable and if you get quiet on her she will ask you " are you OK?" Darla is very cute!!!