Basically Done

Hi everyone,

For the first time I want to share my story with you guys with pictures. I have been seeing Sabrena Smith in Hollywood for treatment on my beard starting on September 1st. With time off from vacations, I’ve really only been having treatments for around 7.5-8 months. I’ve been seeing her weekly for about 3-4 hours at a time. I have been commuting weekly between San Diego and Los Angeles (~2 hours each way) through some of the most traffic congested areas in the US. It has been a long and pretty painful journey, but now we are nearly done. At this point, we are going back through and doing “fine detailed work” as she calls it, as well as beginning to move into other body areas. I will not need to buy a razor again. At this point, we’re doing little pickups and mostly just waiting on healing.

My hairs were tough hairs. They were thick and deep (Our dear James can attest to this fact himself), there were ingrowns, and there were infections. Some were so deep that there were times that Sabrena’s probes weren’t long enough. But through endurance (and thankfully my doctor being understanding enough to write me a prescription for some painkillers), we eventually got them!

I could go on and on about how wonderful of an electrologist Sabrena is and of how caring of a person she is (she is incredibly fast as well – I’d say right around the speed of Josefa), but I believe the pictures will speak for themselves. It is with absolutely highest honor and praise that I give my FULL recommendation to Sabrena Smith.

Before pictures (if someone would like to embed these in the post, they are welcome to since I don’t know how):

6 days after most recent treatment (~8 months worth of treatments):

P.S. I would also like to briefly add that I’ve had fantastic results with laser on my arms and legs, but I mostly want to use this post to praise Sabrena for all she has done for me. I’m only showing my arm here but my legs are basically the same:

After Pic 1:
After Pic 2:

Your beard area looks awesome! Are you going for 100% removal in this area? Arms look awesome, too!

Thank you! Yes I am trying to get 100% removal in this area, or at least to never need to shave again (which at that point I’ll go 100% anyways)

WOW Congratulations Brenton! Thanks for sharing with us.

Your skin looks beautiful and we can all guess how soft is it now. :smiley:

Well done Brenton and Sabrena, this is a good example of electrolysis as it should be.

Thank you both :). We still have some work to do, but it’s clearly much less than before (and after only 8 months!). I would’ve waited longer to posted pictures, but after she said my shaving days are over after our last session… I couldn’t wait to share!

This would definitely qualify as an electrolysis success story , Brenton.

Your arms and legs qualifies for a laser success story . Would you like to copy and paste your successes under those threads? Or, I could do that for you?

Congratulations! You look fabulous , thanks to Sabrena.

Amazing Brenton!
I am so happy for you :smiley:

Thank you boy! I still have quite a ways to go though to get to the point you’re at, but I shall keep chugging along!

Dee, thank you, and I will add those to the success threads once I am officially done. I still have a little bit more to do on the face before I think I am allowed to be clear forever ;). But definitely look for it in the coming months!