Bare and beautiful hair removal system

I just wanted to say that I have been so happy with this products, It actually works, but I was scared at first to start to use it, becuase I thought that it would hurt, and shock me! But after getting used to is, I have been more comfortable with it now. Also at first, it was hard to have to hold the hair in place in the tweezer, for at least 30 seconds, beucase I was too impatient, but now I count to thirty, and try to hold it for a few extra se conds, and then, pull it out! Some hairs have been rally hard to pull out, but now, its getting easier. I may ask my doctor about the cream,
Vaniqa, but for now, I hope this will solve the problem, and also hope that the hairs will stop growing, and get better.
I hope that my problem was only hormonal, and not something serious, or permanent, but more menopausal or imbalance?

Electric tweezers don’t work, if permanent hair removal is what you want. Read all about it on