Barbara Leibowitz

She is an electrolysist with an office in Manhattan, NYC. Has anyone had electrolysis done by Barbara? Her website is great, but I would like to know how much she charges, which she would not tell me by email. I would also like to know how the experience was. I checked the Better Business Burea and she has no complaints against her.
Any info would be welcome.

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Just a note about electrolysis costs.

Simply canvasing the area for the hourly rates charged by electrologists in your area basically useless information. You don’t really want to know the hourly rate, what you want to know is how much your hair removal will cost. The same thing you say? No it is not.

Value for your dollar in Electrolysis is a function of how many hairs per minute your electrologist can remove on your skin in the very area you are going to have work done. Without seeing you and performing a sample treatment, no one can guess at what this will be. As such, an electrologist who charges $10 per hour but only can remove 60 hairs per hour is actually more expensive than the electrologist charging $300 per hour, while removing 2,000 hair per hour.

Since it is almost impossible to explain this to lay persons over the phone, most electrologists simply don’t discuss money over the phone, and instead focus on getting the consultation appointment so that everything you need to know can be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere with visual aid and no pressure to say it all before you hang up.

Good Luck

You tell us!
Does she offer a free trial? Try many electrologists until you settle on the one that will get you where you want to be faster and safer.
I see she is using multi-needle galvanic. It’s rare these days and is probably dieing out. This doesn’t mean that the method is not good, just that it will be harder to compare with thermolysis or blend used by others.