Ballet gold needles in Canada? HELP?

Hi there,

So I bought a used Sil-tone 250 machine not too long ago which came with some sterex stainless 2 piece needles. And now I would like to try some ballet gold needles. I live in Ontario btw. I’ve called texas electrolysis supply and prestige and they do not ship ballet gold to Canada! AHH.

Does anyone know where I can purchase these in Canada for a reasonable price (including decent shipping costs)?

Btw I had contacted the only supplier listed in my yellow pages and they cost $60 a box - and I’m still waiting on a shipping quote. Does that even sound like a reasonable price compared to the texas supplier at $44 a box?

Thanks a bunch!

Hi Tina. Contact Dectro International in Canada and they will help you as I think they actually carry Ballet Gold even though they manufacture their own brand, Protec.
Google them.

Are you beginning to self-treat?

Thanks Arlene!

It actually turned out that I had contacted their Toronto branch and their price for the ballet was $60 plus roughly $13 shipping (~$82 including taxes for one box OUCH!!!)

So i went ahead and ordered a pack of the protec instead @ $25 a box to try out.

Hope that goes well! And yes I have started practicing insertions with my DIY buddy :), still not near perfect but we will get there eventually!