Bad reaction to pure aloe vera

Hi everyone,

I just signed onto the forum after lurking for several weeks. I’ll be telling my electrolysis story, as well as asking a lot of questions, in the near future, but my immediate concern has to do with the aloe vera gel I just put on my upper lip area (which was treated 4 days ago).

Following the advice that some of the pros had given, I went out and bought some Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera, the kind which must be refrigerated after opening (I had been using the Fruit of the Earth gel previously). It has a very watery consistency, so when I applied it it dripped over areas I hadn’t intended to apply it to. Minutes later I noticed my skin had turned bright red where it had come in contact with the stuff. I immediately washed it off as best I could and then wiped the area with witch hazel. There’s still a bit of redness but it seems to be fading.

In any event, is this supposed to happen? I thought aloe vera was supposed to be a very safe thing that could be used throughout the day. Am I perhaps allergic to it?

If you used other aloe products in the past without issues, it’s more likely that you’re allergic to some other ingredient in this new product.

I figured as much, but there’s hardly anything else in the stuff. The other ingredients are grapefruit extract, guar gum, and vitamin E, and that’s it. Oh well, whatever it is, back to the store it goes.

If a product is irritating, stop using it.
If you want to use something immediately following treatment that is soothing, either cold water or warm water is good. Make yourself a compress.
I suggest a cold compress for dry skin and a warm compress for oily skin.
Alcohol free witch hazel is good after cleansing.

Grapefruit can be very irritating to certain skins. The redness should fade by tomorrow.

“Lily of the Desert” is a great brand name for pure aloe vera gel and juice. Their products are made to be ingested. That is what you should be using for post electrolysis treatment. If you can eat it, it should be fine. If there is nothing but Aloe Vera in it, all the better. Best yet, just buy an aloe plant, and snip a little bit of leaf off, slit it open, and rub the desired area with the inside of the plant.

That’s what I had planned on buying at first, but then I saw that it was meant to be ingested and didn’t think it would work if applied topically. Good to know, I’ll pick some up tomorrow and give it a try.

Well, I tried the Lily of the Desert gel and had the exact same reaction. I’m just going to have to forget about the aloe.

Not everyone can use Aloe. My friend got a terrible reaction whenever she used it as well.

The skin is going to turn red, as the aloe is stimulating the healing process. That involves bringing lots of blood to the area. One may also feel a warming sensation, and even a tingling. If you don’t break out, you are probably ok.

I think the reaction was caused by the citric acid, which is listed in the ingredients. Like I mentioned, the other stuff had grapefruit extract and I got the same reaction. I have used pure aloe gel straight from the plant before and it didn’t cause any such redness. My only issue with it is that it feels like snot when I apply it to my skin. It’s all sticky and gooey, so I’ve been trying to find an alternative.

straight from the plant is actually best.