Bad Product Epila Hair remover laser diode

I bought a Epila hair removal laser diode and its no good as the power is very low. This product is distributed by AMS… and now they claim that they have a more powerful and better laser product on ebay called LB500 laser hair remover which is being compared to epila on ebay and being sold by a different company. Beware both these products are distributed by the same company but just being sold on ebay by different representatives. LB500 hair laser remover is being branded as more powerful and better than the hand held Epila. These are no good products. I went and bought the Epila hand held one and its no good at all. DO NOT waste your cash on them.

thanks for your feedback. if you run a search on this forum for “epila”, you would actually find many many negative reviews. noone has had a positive experience with any home machine so far actually.