Bad Hair Transplant Help


I’m a male and had a bad hair transplant. The grafts are in a line and very noticable. I buzzed my hair but it made it worse. I would like to remove some of the grafted hair (not all of them) - just enough to eliminate the line. Can anyone help me?


Yes, professional electrolysis can take away the ones you want gone, while leaving you the ones you want to keep.

Please completely fill out your profile information so we know what area of the world you are in. Someone may be able to tell you who is good in your area to perform this service.

It is even more critical that you have a good practitioner do this, as it will already be hard to have a presentable scalp just form the plugs you got. Adding poor hair removal technique to it too is the last thing you need now.


Thank you James. I’m in San Diego, CA. You don’t know how much I want to get rid of the plugs. Basically, I want to be able to buzz my hair or cut it short and not be able to see the plugs. Do you have any references in San Diego?


Sorry, I don’t have any one to send you to in San Diego. Hopefully someone here on the site can give a name and contact info for someone good. I could not help unless you were going to travel farther north.