BAD experience-need some help!!!

Has anyone experienced an allergic reaction to LHR?

I had my feet, cheeks and upper lip done. I have coarse dark hair and medium-olive skin. They used a Vantage Cool Glide (the numbers I saw on the machine were 60 and 20). I think the 20 was the pulse duration?

It did hurt ALOT and I was quite red afterwards, but that went away. I was really OK until a few hours later that night when I swelled, broke out in hives and welts in those areas I had done. I did not have the numbing cream beforehand.

Went to doc today and they gave me an antibiotic (I have a fever), steroid shot, oral steroids, and an antihist. I do not have senstive allergy prone skin. HELP! What could have gone wrong?

What did the doctor say? Did he think it was due to the LHR? Such a reaction would be unusual.

Are you taking any photosensitizing medications? Some examples would be thiazide diuretics, some antibiotics, etc. You should discuss this with your doctor if you are taking any meds. Maybe you can discontinue them before the treatment.

Since all the redness went away the allergic reaction may be unrelated. It would be extremely unusual to have an infection from laser since it is non-invasive.

Did you do anything different after the treatmetnt, such as swimming or intense exercise?