Has anyone experienced an allergic reaction to LHR?

I had my feet, cheeks and upper lip done. I have coarse dark hair and medium-olive skin. They used a Vantage Cool Glide (the numbers I saw on the machine were 60 and 20). I think the 20 was the pulse duration?

It did hurt ALOT and I was quite red afterwards, but that went away. I was really OK until a few hours later that night when I swelled, broke out in hives and welts in those areas I had done. I did not have the numbing cream beforehand.

Went to doc today and they gave me an antibiotic (I have a fever), steroid shot, oral steroids, and an antihist. I do not have senstive allergy prone skin. HELP! What could have gone wrong?

this sounds like it might be a histamine reaction? have you had that from anything else before? did you see a dermatologist?

Thanks for the reply! I have NEVER had any reaction like this in my life. I am allergic to nothing. Why would histamines go crazy over lazer?

I have seen a PCP who gave me a steroid shot, steroid pills, anti-histamine, and antibiotics. I am going to follow up with him tomorrow and ask for a referral to a derm. My feet look badly burned and it is painful to walk. I was wondering if the settings (60/20)were OK or too high.

60 joules might have been a bit too high for your first treatment. but best to see a dermatologist, so he can tell if it’s a burn or just a histamine reaction.