Bad case of Razor Bumps...


I generally trim my pubic area because I have had bad results shaving completely.
I recently tried again, with warm water, shaving gel, new blade (quad),
going with hair growth direction, washing properly, after shave lotion, etc.
but still get many many ingrown hairs.
(I have this when trying depilatory creams as well.)

Is my only (best?) choice permanent hair removal?
I have dark hair and light skin,
so think that either IPL or Electrolysis is the way to go?

Any and all advice welcomed.

ps Male 40yr

We can’t see the picture, but based on your description, yes, permanent hair removal is your best option. I imagine you are trimming the area into a desired shape. Even if you are looking for full removal, that is possible. You must just understand that your hair is always going to cause ingrowns due to the type of hair you have, and the fact that the skin in this area is thinner, and always in motion in addition to being constantily rubbed against by clothing.

For dense coarse growth, laser will eliminate 90%+ of that hair in 6 or so easy treatments spaced about 2 months apart, as long as you do proper research on finding a good clinic with a good laser that will use good settings.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Have re-uploaded the picture for viewing on


Hi Kevin,
While I did not look at your picture, I can imagine that some of your problem may come from the shape of your hair follicles. While many people have perfectly round follicles, you may have slightly oval-shaped follicles, which can cause hair to grow out at an angle. That’s why you are having the ingrown problem. Trimming may be your best bet since completely removing the hair may present the same problem as the new one grows out.

I have found a wonderful product for alleviating the inflammation caused ingrown hairs and folliculitis, it’s made by the company High Time, the product is called BumpStopper. Within a few days of application the inflammation subsides significantly.