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I had laser about 3 years ago. I wasn’t really happy with the results especially paying $120 per session. I feel it was the practitioner and her lack of experience, plus her not using the best machines available. A little background first, I have a lot of dark, course hair on my chin/neck area, side burns, upper lip etc. Anyways, my laser practitioner had recommended me talking to my ob/gyn about a hormone imbalance. I reluctantly talked to my ob/gyn about this, because as many of you know it’s quite embarrassing, and she quickly shot down the idea of having any kind of imbalance. She made me feel very uncomfortable and I felt no need to open my mouth about my facial hair to her again. She did run tests and what not because I have not had a period since November, but never fully explained why she ran test and what they would show. When my results came back, the only thing I was told is that I have “high blood”…whatever the hell that means?!? I was placed on the birth control pill, yasmin and she said that would bring back my period, as it had in the past for me, but never mentioned anything about my hair growth. I am lost, confused and depressed. I always just took what my doctor told me as the truth, for she is a doctor and I wasn’t as informed as I am now, thanks to this site. I was told by others on this board to go see an endocrinologist, which I am currently researching. My question is, should I start taking the yasmin, or should I wait til I see the endocrinologist? I am probably going to go to the Thomas Jefferson hospital because they have endocrinologist there and I feel that would be better than just someone out of the phone book. After reading a lot about this pcos I am afraid that I may have this problem, but I do not want to get myself worked up for nothing. Any suggestions? i hope this makes sense!

I think I heard that reproductive endocrinologist has even a narrower specialty in your area.

If your ob/gyn is like that than your should find a normal ob/gyn. If she ignored your concerns than you could probably sue her. And if you can then you should!

I believe I heard that Yasmin is safe, but I’m nor sure. A lot of meds including a bunch of birth control meds have side effects. Some actuall MAKE hair grow, others cause stretch marks and so on.

Check this out for HAIR GROWING DRUGS:

In any case taking birth controll meds is a regular treatment for this condition and is perfectly safe. It artificially restores hormonal balance and prevents escalation of the condition. If you’re tryinf to conceive there are other meds (like metformin (glukophage), clomid, etc) that could help to regulate your hormones.

As far as hair goes, there are androgen blocking meds which are specifically aimed at dealing with this problem.

I have good news for you. If your hair is caused by a hormonal imbalance (which I assume to be true) your health insurance must legally pay for electrolysis to remove this symptom. You will need a letter from your doc, stating that the hair is a symptom of a diagnosable and treatable disorder and is MEDICALLY necessary for you. Don’t let them wear you down. If they’ll deny you, follow all rules for appealing decisions and even go to a small claims court. At the end you will win and they will pay.

So go to your endo without delay, and good luck!

I forgot to mention:

There’s nothing to be embarassed about. According to the FDA 6 - 10 % of women suffer from this in the US, and it is not your fault.

Electrolysis is the only way to go to remove hair permanently. Laser is not permanent according to the FDA and it is illigal to advertise it as such. There are studies coming out that laser actually MAKES NEW HAIR GROW. If you can prove that your laser technitian has told you that it was permanent removal then you can sue and WILL easily win. What some ppl have done is just wrote a letter to their laser techitian requesting a refund and have received it.

Good luck!

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<strong>I forgot to mention:

There are studies coming out that laser actually MAKES NEW HAIR GROW. Good luck!</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>can you quote anything or do you know any sites which have put up info?

please keep us informed, this sounds interesting!!!

Missed periods and extreme hair growth in women can be caused by insulin resistance (which basically means your body produces insulin but doesn’t evenly distribute or use it so it stays in your system). Doctors used to label the lack of periods and hair growth as “PCOS” without realizing that its really a complex problem with the metabolic system. Blood tests can tell them if you have insulin resistance. I would have it checked out. There are medicines you can take to help.

I have been taking Actos for the insulin resistance. The first medicine I used was Glucophage but it made me sick. I also take spirinolactone which helps on the hair growth. And, I use Vaniqa. I like it a lot as it has drastically decreased the hair growth.