Back hair

I have very thin hair all over my back. it isnt even that noticable, but i get paranoid over it. i shaved it like over 3 months ago. i never got any ingrown hairs until now. actually, its hard to tell if they are ingrown hairs or acne, because sometimes i break out bad. however some of them have been there for like 2 weeks so i think that they are ingrown hairs. i poke a needle in them and squeeze but nothing comes out except for blood.
i am planning on starting accutane next week. will this help with ingrown hairs? im thinking i get so many because my skin is so oily.
also, i shave my upper arms and shoulders with clippers without a guard on. it does not cut too close however i still get ingrown hairs on my shoulders. i did shave them with a blade about 6 months ago. could these ingrowns be from that long ago?

and since my back and shoulder hair is pretty thin, it wouldnt be a good idea for laser would it? im pretty much doomed i guess. well thanks guys

it sounds like your best bet is electrolysis if you want it removed permanently. other than that, waxing is an option. the irritation you get can be avoided most likely by using new 3-4 blade razors, using shaving gel instead of cream, and soaking the area for 10 minutes prior. also, try to avoid sweating for a few hours afterwards while the pores are still open.

electrolysis would take forever wouldnt it. also, a mach 3 would kill me with ingrowns i thought. if the hair is not visible after i shave, then i will get ingrowns 100% of the time. with a mach 3, it would cut too close. i’m hoping accutane will help my problem as i think my oily skin and all the bacteria cause the ingrowns

electrolysis does take a commitment of consistent treatments of at least a year. but laser is just not an option here. bottom line is if you want something permanent, that’s what it would take. if you’re ok with temporary, you can try the methods above. you can also get a trimmer and trim the hairs very short. ingrowns are partly from shaving in the wrong direction of the way hair grows too. it helps to shave as stated above and against the direction of hair growth to lessen the chance of ingrowns. but yes, oily skin is also an issue. btw, if you are on accutane, you definitely can’t even try laser (which isn’t a good idea here anyways) for at least several months AFTER you’re off of it. laser can’t be used with photosensitive medications.

i always heard against the grain is bad for ingrowns.