Back hair

Hi all,
I’m 28 year old male and I guess I’ve always been fairly hairy, not outrageously hairy, Just not one of those lucky hairless guys. Anyway about 2 years ago the dreaded back hair started sprouting. I don’t have a carpet on my back but I’m still pretty self conscious about it. Anyway I keep it shaved with a Mach 3 turbo about once a week. works great but I hate the stubble when it grows back in. So I’m wondering if anyone has tried an epilator on their backs. I don’t think it would any more painful then doing legs, and I’ve never had problems with ingrown hairs. So any thoughts?

Thanks, D.

i would also like info on this method,is this something that could be done yourself without a partner? could anyone offer any help? the pain probley wouldnt bother me cause the embarassment of back hair is enough to over shadow in phiscal pain

Question: How, exactly, are you planning on reaching your own back? :smile:

It’s like waxing, in that there’s nothing physically wrong with the idea, except that anyone not an advanced yoga practitioner or professional contortionist–and maybe not even then–could possibly pull it off. :smile:

Maybe you could get parts of it, but I doubt the whole thing.

Well I can reach my back just fine for shaving, why would this be any different? Maybe I’m just flexible but there is only a small area around my shoulder blades that’s hard to reach.

If you are VERY flexible, you may be able to epilate your own back with effort.

You have to be able to hold thge epilator at 90 degrees to the skin. If you are doing your back, you may want to buy one that has a guide to keep it in place (like the Satin Ice by Philips)/

A good test is the old triceps stretch.

Take a look at the image. You don’t need the towel, just do your arms the way it’s done in the diagram.

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If you can touch your fingers together easily, you should be OK. Be sure to do it both ways-- left arm behind the head, then right arm behind the head. If you can’t do BOTH easily, you might have problems epilating your own back.

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Andrea, I never knew this! Thanks. I can touch fingers one way but not when my right arm is reaching from under.

I personally would not use an epilator. I think it would be preferable to have one’s back waxed instead.