back hair waxing, what is a good product


I was just searching through the forum here. I am am a male looking for a decent affordable product to have my back waxed at home. IT is fairly thick, but I recently had a somewhat platonic girlfirend use delapitory cream on it. I was wondering what brands are recommended, what type of lotions, exfoliants should be used afterward. Fortunately, my friend does not make me feel uncomfortable at all about something I am very uncomfortable about, as I know waxing your back by yourself is near impossible (although I have been tinkering with some inventions, once I learn the basic method. )

I think that alot of the otc waxes work ok if you really can not see a professional, in the past nair made a non warming wax that I liked and it came with its own pre and post lotions, as far as exfoliating goes just use a loofa (wait one to two days after waxing) and if you start to breakout use bikini tend or tend skin, MAKE SURE you trim your hair down to 1/2 - 1/4 inch in length that will makeall the difference.