back hair removal -Help


i would like to know if anyone knows of a easy way to shave back hair i have no girlfriend at this time and if i did i would be to ashamed to ask her to shave my back. does anyone have a new fangled invention to reach back thier to do a good job? i would love to have my back waxed but i live in the upstate of south carolina and i cant find a place that does it except for women,does anyone know of a place in my area (greenwood,SC )that could help. how would i go about finding such a place what do you ask when you call a place?as you can tell i am shy and bashfull i just need help on this subject any advice will be well apreciated,thanks eveyone i am glad i found this board cause i thought i was just one of few that had this problem


You might look at a thing called the “Head Blade” that is made for head shaving. It attaches to your middle finger so you may have good luck with using it on the back of your shoulders. It might be easier than holding a normal shaver handle depending on how flexible you are. But it won’t reach all your back (unless you are REALLY flexible and have long arms! :grin: ).

Here’s a site that gives a real good explanation of it and offers it for sale as well. But I’ve seen it cheaper at the local Rite-Aid drug store.

This is NOT an endorsement of this product or the company selling it as I have used neither. Just passing along some info I found…


You can also take a wooden spoon or backscratcher or any other long thing stick and attach the razor handle with a rubber band. The tighter the better. You’ll probably need to work in the mirror. The spoon is good for spreading shaving cream, too. The trick is to keep the blades at the proper angle.

Keep calling around. I’m sure there are salons in your area that do men’s backs. Don’t ask if they treat men, since many will think you want to have your privates worked on. Very few places will do that, but most will work on your back.