back + chest


I have been receiving plasmalite treatment on my back and have recently had my first treatment on my chest. The treatment on my chest removes so much more hair than on my back. I remember reading something on here about insulin levels which result in the hairs on your back being more difficult to remove. Could anyone provide me with more info on this subject.


I had more hair removed from my chest than my back after one treatment. I had more hair on my chest than my back to begin with and it was more coarse too. This was with the Apogee laser. Later treatments were with the Apogee, Iridex, then Lightsheer lasers.


Chest hair may be affected by different regulators than back hair, i.e. more androgen-driven. Many have anecdotally reported better reduction of chest hair vs. back hair. This is also true of antiandrogens-- they have been reported to have more effect on chest hair than back hair. It’s possible that chest hair is easier to kill, though there is no published data to back this up.