Back after 2 years away but now need you help...


So I havnt been on here for a while, afraid to say I lost hope and gave up on both laser and electrolysis.

But I’m back with renewed hope thanks to this forum. Just looking through recent posts it does seem success stories are more common.

So I really really need your help. Please can someone recommend a good electrologist in the South of the U.K.

Thanks in advance

There are success stories here regularly, but most people get results and stop thinking about hair and never report back. Very few of us stuck around to help others after we were done.

I hope that someone can recommend you an electrologist near your location. But there are other things you can do, like randomly trying out electrologists around your area and reporting back here, or as a last resort, consider traveling to a recommended electrologist out of your area for marathon clearances once every few months. And don’t lose hope - this stuff really does work!