Babyliss Epiliss E3 Electroylisis hair remover

I bought this thinking it would remove the hair, I was wrong, lol, and I cant return it. So what I’ve been doing is electrolising my eyebrow hairs and then after that tweezing them out. Done it a few times, and Ive seen no difference at all.

Has anyone else used this? Is it any good?

Which electrolysis machine do you recommend, which are sold in the UK?

Bubbly x

It seems that our friends in the UK are using the Sterex unit. It would be nice if someone who bought one would weigh in on their experience.

I used the Babyliss Epiliss E3 Electrolysis hair remover kit which I purchased for around £50. After using it as indicated for nearly a year I found that it didn’t work at all and now its broken so I guess I’ll never know whether it would have worked if I’d carried on persevering. Perhaps it was a dud!…h=true#Post8718

All you had to do was insert Babyliss in the search and ask for listings newer than 4 years, and you would have gotten a number of discussions of this scammer.

Ok I realise that it doesn’t work and anyone who has tried it can confirm this - so WHY are Babyliss still selling it??? How do they get away with it???

Why do they still sell it?
There is a sucker born every minute! This baby brings in lots of cash, and the profit margin is excellent.

Why do they still get away with it?
Most governments tolerate scams that don’t kill people. At least until you scam the wrong person and they are connected enough to bring you down hard.

I wish I’d done more research before buying some of the rubbish that I’ve recently thrown in the bin!