Automatic settings

I’m wanting some clarification reguarding machine settings.

When a machine does not require a foot pedal, how does it know when to deliver the current?

Is it programmed to be a give amount of time?
Does it detect moisture in the skin?
How is this possible if so

And more specifically, how does the multi needle genetronics galvanic machine know when to deliver the current?


it nows by passing a mild dc current via the neutral electrode that it has entered the follicle and this triggrs the follice. I’ve never used a Gentronics, but my understanding is it passes current all the when you insert the probe it simply completes the circuit

Ok so it’s the fact that the person is holding the electrode? And once it enters the skin it’s connected with that.

I wonder what I was told about it detecting moisture if that was false

Just some basic information to add for you.

There are presets offered on the epilator that gives you are starting point, so stick close to them as a newbie. Generally speaking, the galvanic levels used are between 40-120 microamps. Lower microamps for smaller hairs and higher for coarse hair. Don’t go over 120 microamps. Average hair takes 70-80 seconds to epilate. Your manual should give you some guidance, but in general, it can be anywhere from 1-9 minutes per hair, but I never went beyond 4 minutes when I used my Multi-needle.

Yes, it is programmed to deliver energy for the amount of time you decide upon. Each multi-needle wire with probe has its own 20 volt circuit. Once you insert or if you set the delay function ( 2 OR 3 seconds), energy starts releasing into the follicle and it shuts off automatically for the time you set it to shut off (1-3 minutes). Yes, it detects the moisture in your skin. For galvanic, there needs to be moisture in order for the chemical reaction to take place. We are making sodium hydroxide, an alkali, to disable the hair follicle. When using galvanic electrolysis, Jim Jenson of Gentronics said that even if the hair does not slide out, the purely chemical process continues working on the hair root and that could be why there is such an extremely low regrowth rate with galvanic. This is not so for thermolysis. The hair must slide out with no traction.

The recipient of galvanic must hold a dampened cloth or sponge around the indifferent electrode. Dampening the electrode with salty water is better than plain water. Holding a dry indifferent electrode will not give the results you want and can cause a slight burn.

When using any method, watch the skin closely. We don’t want to see it getting super “angry” or weepy.

On the Gentronics, you need to press the autostart switch. Use the up or down arrows to enable it or disable it. If the hair doesn’t slide out, you can leave the probe in and press the foot switch and it will start over again, but there will be no delay time. There is another way, but let’s keep it simple.

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Your so helpful this really gave me a much better understanding Thankyou!!