Austin, TX (or anywhere in TX for that matter?)

Hi all, new here. Love the site Andrea, I think it is truly amazing what you do. I am also new to the realm of electrology and am currently searching for a skilled, competent, established, etc etc electrologist. After 5 laser treatments I realized I was paying them for something that was largely experimental and they could barely answer any questions I would have. Not only that, the hair is back for the most part. Whadyaknow?
Anyhoo, I am in the San Antonio area (TX of course) and searching. I had a consultation with Bette Pritchet - who was highly knowledgable, certificates displayed everywhere, 30 years of experience, and a large Before and After photo album on the coffee table of the waiting room - but am wondering if anybody out there knows anything at all about her or anyone else in TX. I saw in one post where James referred someone from Louisiana over to Ms. Pritchett. Her being in Austin, TX and the other person being over in LA, she must not be too bad if James was shipping them off that far. Back to the subject though, any help would be useful. Thanks!