Aurura vs lightSheer, Shaving.. need advice

Hi, I was thinking about getting laser hair removal, and i’m trying to make up my mind about the 2 clinics i have visted. one is called Nuvo and they have the lowest prices but they use Aurora DS Laser . The other clinic is premier laser clinic and they use LightSheer. I have white skin type and dark hair and i was wondering which laser is more effective? my other question is if i get 2 treatments , and stop after that, and go with shaving only, would my hair growth rate go back to what it was? currently if i shave my chest, my hair starts growing back in 3 to 4 days and i’ve heard that shaving cause a faster growth rate in hair. Thanks.

Since you have light skin and dark hair, I would go with the Lightsheer. If you had darker skin I would say to try the Aurora. The Lightsheer can deliver higher fluences which you can probably tolerate with your skin type.I have been treated with both and the Lightsheer gave better results on the chest.Yes, you can get some benefit from just two treatments. Two treatments will not eliminate all of the hair. And if you have a good practitioner, all of the air will not grow back. If it does you are being undertreated. The first laser treatment on my chest removed 50% of the hair and that made shaving quicker, easier and gave better results. The hair that does grow back will usually be finer and lighter in color. This will make the results from shaving much better.If it takes 3-4 days to see regrowth from shaving, consider yourself lucky. Before I started laser treatments, I would see regrowth within one day.BTW, shaving does not make the hair grow back thicker. That is only an illusion as the shaved hairs now have blunt rather than tapered ends.Go for it, you won’t regret it!RJC2001