At the consultation she told me she’d be treatign me with Aurora—she said its good for all skin types and very effectvie? Can someone tell me wheher they’ve been treated with this or know anythign abotu it…

The Aurora does have some advantages, it works better on light colored hair than the lasers do. But there is a certain percentage of people with blond and white hair that will not respond to it. It is somewhat effective on fine hair, but if the hair is dark and the skin is light colored, I would prefer the Lightsheer diode laser.

I had a little bit of success with the Aurora, but I maxed out on the fluence levels. I needed more fluence than what it coudl provide. I feel the diode and Nd:TAG lasers are more effective.


Aurora is an IPL with RF technology. For more people, true lasers like diode or alexandrite will work better on light skin and dark hair (and especially finer hair), and Yags on darker skins and dark hair.