Hi all,

I have been reading through the old posts on the Aurora system for laser hair removal. It would seem that for most, the jury is still out. I have been recommended by a friend to try a particular place that uses the Aurora system (IPL/RF) for my face.

Has anyone here used this treatment on their face? Are you happy with the results? Has anyone made up their mind as to whether they think Aurora is a good way to go?



HI, I’m going to schedule an appointment to have my face treated with the Aurora next Monday. I had a patch test done, and I was suprised by how effective it was. My hair has not responded well to lasers in the past (or electrolysis for that matter). Part of the reason I was skeptical was that it was so painless compared to other lasers. My skin was barely red afterwards and within a few hours it looked like nothing had happened, but in about a week and a half the hairs began shedding. I’m assuming that my face will be more sensitive than the area I had treated, but like I said, compared to anything else I’ve tried this method was by far the least traumatic.
RJC2001… I have a question for you. :smile: My practitioner charges $300 for the entire face and neck, and does the fourth treatment for free. That sounds pretty good, no? Also, do you have any other advice for me about what to expect or look out for?

Thank you, redhead!

I guess I will go ahead and give it a shot then tomorrow or Friday. I will let you know how it goes for me, too.

Since I am an existing patient I get a considerable discount. I am paying rates similar to that of the Apogee laser. To get my chest or back done in an hour session is about $100. But the rate you are being quoted sounds typical. You get more of a discount when you have larger areas done.

Expect to feel more pain in the face area, but it should be bearable. You will have less post treatmnet pain and redness compared to lasers. I would also expect it to take longer for the hairs to fall out but that’s normal and nothing to worry about. Most important expect good result.

Try to take note of the optical and RF fluence levels used so we can determine how aggressively you are being treated. There is an LCD display on top of the machine that shows the levelS.


anyone know of a place in new york city using the aurora ?

i’ve been looking but cant seem to find ANYONE.

Call the company that makes the Aurora (Syneron), and ask them for a practitioner using the machine in your area. The toll free# is:1-866-259-6661. Good luck.

Laser Cosmetica in NY has aurora

I had my first Aurora treatment today. The settings used were 23 (IPL) and 20 (RF).
My skin is of type 3 and the hair is dense but rather fine and blondish/light brown.
Does anyone know if the settings are ok and likely to be effective for a first session, please.