Has anyone heard of an Aurora laser?? I’ve been told it’s used for hair removal and other things like wrinkles. I’ve never heard of this laser, I think it’s new. Does anyone know about it and have any info about it?? I will appreciate anything.


There is a diode laser called Aurora that is used for dental procedures, but it’s not designed for hair removal. The manufacturer’s site is here:

Premier Laser website

Can you tell me where you heard about this?

There’s also a clinic in Aurora, Ontario, Canada called Aurora Laser and Vein Clinic. Dr. Philip Kritzinger is listed as the medical director.

Address: Unit 105, 126 Wellington Street West
Phone: (905) 727-0111

Perhaps this is what you’ve heard of. I do not know what type of laser they use, so you should call.

I have not been to this clinic and this is not an endorsement.

The Institute for Laser Medicine at UCLA claims that the Photolysis HR laser that only they have is better than any other laser. They said something about multiple pulses as opposed to a single pulse. Does anyone know what kind of laser it is? Diode, YAG, or alexandrite? Any details would be appreciated.


Photolysis HR makes claims that their method has superior results, but they have not backed this up with published clinical data. For more on Photolysis HR, inluding the legal action they threatened after I did an analysis of their claims, please see:

Hairfacts: Photolysis HR

Actually, they have it at the clinic I go to in Toronto. They used to have the Cynosure Apogee and for some reason they changed to the Aurora. Which I have NEVER heard of. I had good results my first time with the Apogee but I only had one treatment which was last July. (I had my second one last Saturday)
I think maybe I was stupid for just going ahead with the treatment. I didn’t know they had changed the laser until I showed up for the appt. I just assumed they are the professionals and they should know. But I will be complaining if I don’t get as good of results as last time or no results at all.

Jewl, you should ask what the make and model of the laser is.

Some clinics make claims that their method is call “the Aurora method” or whatever, but they use the same laser as everyone else.

Sometimes they claim the WAY they use a regular laser is exclusive (number of pulses, frequency or energy level of treatments). If that’s the case, ask them for comparative data on their method versus others using the same laser.

Thanks for the info on the Photolysis HR. Other companies do indeed make flash lamp pulsed light systems. In fact Lumenis, maker of the Lightsheer laser makes an IPL (intense pulsed light system) called the VascuLight which they do not promote heavily. It is used to treat leg veins and for hair removal.

Ironically, I work with flashtubes in my job. One of the flash units I work with is 50 Joules. That’s just about right. Maybe I should do some experimenting. They can definitely burn too! I don’t know of anyone who has touched one while it was lit. Pulse width is about 1 ms for the 50 Joule version.

BTW the after photo of that bodybuilder’s chest that they said was taken one month later is what my chest looks like 1-2 days after a Lighsheer treatment. I’ll have a few red spots here and there (no ingrowns though) and totally hairless. Of course the day before the treatment I shave my chest totally clean with a Mach3 Turbo. Unlike other lasers, Lumenis recommends that the skin be clean shaven before a Lightsheer treatment. You are less likely to be burned if the hair is completely shaved off before treatment, leaving only the hair below the skin.