Aurora vs. Grey Hair?

This is my first post. First, great site Andrea. Keep up the good work. My background is that I have had 4 treatments with the coolglide and am getting results. Unfortunately I have waited (now mid 40’s) until I have a fair amount of grey. Naturally the cool glide does nothing for these. I noticed that the Aurora homepage makes claims to get rid of grey/white hair (apparently through the RF modality). What confuses me is that “” suggests that RF technology is “doubtful”. So is this really a viable option for eliminating grey hair, or should I be looking at electrolysis?

I am very curious about the Syneron Aurora DSR as well. Anybody have any thoughts?

I don’t believe the “RF” technology referred to in the section is in fact the kind of tech used by the Aurora, and if you do a search on this forum for “Aurora” you will find many posts (start with the later posts, as the early ones are not really all that relevant). As for the grey hair claims, I still have my doubts about this. If you are really interested it is a MUST that you get a few patch tests and then wait about 2 months to see if it had any effect. Electrolgy might be your only option. I personally hope you do decide to at least get a patch test, because I would be very curious to see if there is any effect. Rjc2001, a poster on this forum, has been very happy with the Aurora, as have I, but I believe he is treating his grey hairs with electrolosys, which should give you an indication about this controversy. Good luck.

This is why I disagree with telling younger people to wait to get laser treatments. The longer you wait, the more grey and white hairs you get. And without a doubt, white and grey hairs are just about impossible to treat with pure optical methods. If you’re in your 20s and want to get rid of excess body hair with laser, I say start zapping away. If hair grows in later, you can zap it as it comes in.

The Aurora RF is not microwave, it operates at lower frequencies. I think it is of some benefit on light colored hairs. I believe it got some of my white chest hairs last year. I am finishing that area with electrolysis and to my surprise there are fewer white hairs left than I expected. I do believe that electrolysis is more effective though on white and grey hairs.

Like redhead said, get a test spot and see what happens. If it doesn’t work go with electrolysis. Otherwise, get the grey hairs you can with the Aurora and finish with electrolysis.

The Aurora was upgraded this year with higer RF fluences and it seems to be a little more effective.

Hope this helps.