Aurora Treatment On Full Beard


About 3 1/2 weeks ago I had my first treatment with the Aurora. As I reported on another string, there was much less pain than laser and electrolysis, and almost no redness afterwards. Compared to the scabs, swelling and scars of other treatments, I would say that trauma to the skin was a non-factor. I also reported that the machine actually rejuvenated the skin on my face; evening out blemishes and sun damage, smoothing out tiny pits, and destroying the reddish capillaries on my cheeks. My skin looks about 15 years younger!
As for the hair removal I am extremely impressed. At first I thought that nothing had happened, because after almost three weeks I noticed zero shedding. I would shave, and the hair would grow right back. After my last shave, however, I was stunned to see about a 30-35% reduction in hair. Maybe more. The hair that did grow is also a little finer and lighter. Wow!
Of course I don’t know about long term results yet, and the comments by “Hairfetish” in other strings have me concerned. On the other hand, the test patch I had done over two months ago on my stomach still looks good, and RJC2001 is having a great experience with the Aurora so far! I get my next treatment in about 3 weeks and based purely on what I can see, right here right now, I am very, very happy. By the way, I have light skin with hair on my face that ranges from light gold to dark brown.


Hey there, redhead! One of the good things about IPL machines (and they do have good points!) is that they are extremely effective on vascular lesions, background redness and telangiactasias of the face. They do effect temporary hair removal, like waxing, but the hair will eventually grow back. Your coloring is not ideal for laser, so maybe IPL is the only way to go, unless you would like to commit to electrolysis, which in the hands of a good practitioner, would be extremely effective, albeit slow, for you. Keep posting - Ciao! :wink:


In your experience, when will I see the hair grow back? It doesn’t make sense to me that this is like waxing, especially since the hair didn’t start to disappear for three weeks. Please give me a timeline, so I can be on the lookout.