Aurora Patch Test


I’ve been keeping an eye on the patch test I had done with the Aurora 9 days ago. So far none of the hairs have fallen out. Is this normal? When I had laser treatments done with the Diode five years ago, it destroyed each hair, and those particular hairs where then burned and gone. I have never had a treatment where the hairs are supposed to “extract themselves” and therefore I don’t know if I’m being impatient, or if the patch test was just plain ineffective? Anyone with Aurora experience please respond.


It generally does take longer for hairs to fall out with Aurora treatments. Are any of the hairs singed/melted? Did you feel any pain during the test patch? Even with the Aurora I think you still need to have it turned up high enough that you can feel some pain in order for it to be effective.

Some hair will fall out immediately but much of it won’t.



I have to say that I felt no pain at all during the patch test, and I had almost no redness afterwards. I asked him if it was turned up high and he said that it was. I should have paid closer attention, but I thought he said it was at 28 joules. Does that sound right? I’m going to go back in about a week and see what he thinks, and I’m going to write down the settings he uses. I hope that some hairs do fall out before then as that would definitely give me hope that this device works. I hope that your treatments(RJC2001) are going well, and I look forward to your updates. Anyone else who has Aurora experience is asked to comment as well. Thanks.


The funniest thing just happened. After I posted my last reply I brushed the area I got tested with my hand, and a hair fell out.