Aurora or nd:Yag


I’ve done LHR on my back, abs, shoulders and upper arms. I had 20 treatments on my back, 15 on my shoulders and upper arms and 8 on my abs. These treatments were done with Lightsheer, Gentlelase and an IPL called Harmony. I’ve had mixed results so far. On my abs I have a reduction of about 90%, which is great. On my middle and lower back I’ve had a reduction of probably 80%. On my upper back, shoulders and upper arms the results have been dissapointing. There’s almost no reduction at all. I think that the main reason why I didn’t have good results on these areas is because my follicles are too deep. Now, I am thinking about having my next treatment done with either the Aurora or with an nd:Yag laser, the Apogee Elite. I was wondering which of these 2 lasers would be better for killing these deep follicles. Which one of the two pentetrates deeper into the skin?


For me, the Aurora did not have enough power once the hair became finer. I would try the Nd:YAG. You might check to see if there are any Comet practitioners in your area. It is harder to find than the YAG.