Aurora FDA Clearance

I checked them out on the FDA website ( I gives them clearance to market it as a non-invasive hair removal device…

Aren’t the other lasers considered permanent hair reduction devices?.. i couldn’t help but to notice the fact that the aurora was missing the “permanent” part. Is it possible this machine isn’t permanent?

It seems that the Syneron Aurora is a combination of the Epilight system (IPL)form Esc Medical Systems and CompuBlend system from R.A. Fischer Co. Inc. according to the FDA.

I thought that the Epilight IPL wasn’t such a great system in my opion (and not only in my opinion)for removal of hair.

I would say that getting a patch test done is the best way to determine if something works. Dissecting words and phrases, or trying to read between the lines, will probably not give you the answers you’re looking for. Listen for others personal experience as a consumer, and avoid opinions.