Aurora/ ELOS by Syneron Experiences

Hey Everyone,

Well I am persuing a new area (abs) and I have found a pretty good price on a package for my next area and I was wondering what people’s experiences are using this laser as the next area I am going on has a mixture of course dark hair and blond hair and fine hair.

This place has a lower price then the lightsheer and I am tying to do a comparison of the two

Thanks for the help

See my post in reply to blonde, it is one of the recent threads on “new device for blonde hair” or something like that. I’m too lazy to retype the whole thing.

To summarize, the Aurora works better on light hair, the Lightsheer works better on dark hair. The Nd:YAG works better on dark skin. There is no ideal device.

You may want to check out and go to Syneron media, then click on clinical papers. Keep in mind that the research is sponsored by Syneron but nevertheless it is interesting.

The Lightsheer worked great on my abs and I think it outperformed the Aurora, but the hair on my abs was dark. I think the Lightsheer does very well on fine hair as long as it is dark. The Lightsheer success was due to the high fluence levels and the availability of super long pulse widths.

Have you finished Lightsheer treatments for your legs? What percentage of removal (or reduction, whatever they want to call it) did you achieve?

I had one Lyra-i (Nd:YAG) treatment on my entire legs. No problems with redness or scabbing at all. Very good results too. I can skip a few days and when I blade shave, there is hardly any hair on the razor. It will be a few weeks before I am ready for my next treatment. I think the growth cycle for the legs is longer so it is too soon to speculate what the reduction is so far.