Aurora - American Laser Center - Plainview, NY

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has gone to the Plainview, NY location of American Laser Center? What were your experiences?

I just signed up, impulsively, and after reading the comments on this site I think I’m regretting it. I have fair skin/dark hair and I’m getting my full legs and bikini area done. They are using the Aurora and from what I’ve been reading here, that doesn’t seem like a good machine?Has anyone had good results with this method? Any feedback would be much appreciated!


If you have very light skin and dark coarse hair, you will probably get some kind of result, it just won’t be as good and in as few treatments as with an alex or a diode laser for example for most people. just make sure you’re as light as possible and you’re getting treated by the most experienced tech there.

Thanks for your response. If I put a stop payment on the check, can they take legal action against me? Not sure what the best course of action is… I just signed up Saturday and I really would rather go somewhere with different lasers.

You might have to read the fine print of the contract. If you have not received any service from ALC, then it is possible to just put a stop payment on the check. If your received any services from them, then you might be on the hook.

The Aurora isn’t the best machine out there. I’ve had about 5 treatments on my legs and bikini area with the Aurora and had some fairly good results. I think, they might have been better if the GentleLase was used, but it was a lot cheaper. So, there is a trade off.

Basically, what I am saying is that if you are bound by the contract, you still could have some satisfactory results if you had all your treatments. I have not been to ALC and I know there is some controversy with the company but not all of the clinics are bad. You might be fortunate and have got involved with a good one.

technically, if you haven’t received treatments, you can resign from the contract, especially if it’s been less than 3 days (depends on regulations in your state, I think it can be up to 7 or 10 days even). personally, I would probably put a stop payment on the check. There are several people having lots of issues trying to get out of the contract before they received any treatments and this company is unethical and horrible about it. the good thing is that you paid with a check, so you can just put a stop payment on it. they signed up with a credit card company to pay for it, so it’s a lot more complicated. it costs too much for them to pursue you even if they wanted to, so i’m pretty sure they wouldnt, especially since they don’t have a case if you didn’t get any treatments yet even if you signed something. they can’t ask you to pay for something you never received, no matter what you signed and what they decide to put under the signature line to try to trap you. unfortunately for those other people, it’s more complicated since it’s not their money they have to try to get back now.

Thanks so much, this board has been very helpful. Too bad I didn’t know more about specific lasers ahead of time! I did put a stop payment on the check and hopefully that will be that. Based on some recommendations on this site I made appointments for consultations at two other places, in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I will try not to be so hasty this time! I think I will go with either the GentleLase or LightSheer. Thanks again!

good luck and please come back to report on your experience