Aurora also the best for light skin/dark hair?

I’ve read up on a lot of information, and found RJC 2001 's info especially usefull. However now i am convinced that it is worth trying Aurora for the lighter hairs, but the easier dark hairs (which up until now have been best treated by the lightsheer diode) are they also being more effectivly removed by Aurora/ there is no difference? Or is Aurora less effective than the lightsheer diode laser for the darker hairs on lighter skin??

I realise it is a difficult question seeing as it is a relative new tecnologie, however i have both opportunities close by, and they are both just as expensive. Any idea’s??

greetings ,

It is too early for me speculate on the long term effectiveness of the Aurora. The short term effectiveness appears to be similar to the Lightsheer.

For someone that has only black, coarse hair the Lightsheer has a proven record so that is something to consider. But so far I am very happy with the Aurora.

BTW it also takes a few weeks for some of the hairs to work loose after Aurora treatments too, just like the Lightsheer.


thanks for your reply RJC.
I just went in for my first Aurora treatment last sunday.
The lady whome is doing it, is not very experienced yet, however she partially makes up for that by putting a lot of time into me. She is very careful about reaching each area of skin.
She took one and a half hours, just for my bikiniline and underarms. She also mentioned that i did not have more hair than average, so that is not why it took so long.

I thought it felt like a short heat wave, and the only point i felt a slight twinge was near my “anus”.
It did not hurt at all, so sometimes you wonder if it is working properly. Well i will know more about the effectiveness in a couple of weeks, and then i shall post again.

She uses strength 21 for the light frequencie, and 15 (standard) for the radiofrequencie.
She said i had a skin type 2 (light skin, with dark hair). This was used for my left underarm, for a testrun. Then i came back 2 hours later, and seeing as she saw no irritation she put the level of lightfrequencie up one notch.

I saw on another posting that Andrea is studying into it a bit more. I will be curious as to her conclusions.

by the way, I am living in Holland, and the therapist who is treating me has a Syneron Aurora machine imported by Tringo institutes.

Because she is not experienced she is charging me 100 euro’s for my treatment (both underarms and bikiniline). And says i will need about 6 treatments, i pay after each treatment. I hope it works for me and will keep you updated.