Attention: RJC2001/ Lucie Desrochers

Dear RJC2001/ Lucie Desrochers (or anyone else with extensive laser knowlege - diode LightSheer or otherwise),

I wonder can you help me? I had a series of six treatments of hair removal with ‘Epilight’ IPL, carried out by two qualified nurses in a beauty/laser clinic, over a recommended period of a year and a half in Ireland. My arms, legs and underarms were treated. My skin colouring is pale, northern european and my hair colour is a mid to dark brown. After paying out over 7000 Euro ($7000) and six treatments later, it was obvious that Epilight IPL was not working on me. My arms now have the very same amount of hair on them as when I started and my legs, perhaps ten percent of the hair is gone. My underarms have had no hairloss. I had to threaten to bring the clinic to court and I only received 65% of my money back as a sign of ‘goodwill’. I was never told that there is a 16% failure rate for IPL and apparently I must fall into this category.
I want to go ahead with a different type of treatment. I have heard and read good things about the diode ‘LightSheer’. Please can you help me? Is this the one to go for? I’m frightened to throw good money after bad when I can ill afford the expense, pain and time. Please help me.

If you’re going to be treated with laser, IMHO the Lightsheer is the way to go. I have type IV skin and have had great results with it. It did not get white hair which I expected. I have had about 90% hair reduction on my chest and back and am very happy.

The important thing is to find an experienced practitioner. You have to e treated aggressively with eht Lightsheer but not to the point of long term skin damage. Don’t be a afraid of a little bit of redness and even some scabbing. Fluences will vary between individuals, but I was treated at 45J. At 28J I saw no results. Make sure they use compression suring the Lightsheer treatment, it makes a BIG difference!

Good luck with your treatments.


Your hair may be too light in color to see a permanent result. Failure rates are much higher in lighter hair like yours.