Att:James W,Need some Help regarding Scarring and Electrolysis

I have been doing electrolysis now for the past month and a half,pretty aggresalively. 3 hours every week or 10 days to remove male beard,my treatments have been moving along pretty well and I have established first clearance on face and almost entire neck. I have noticed some pocks and indentatations on the sides of my chin and some dark dots that look to be the size of a pin head.Is it safe to assume these are marks that are common to see after the extensive amount of treatments I have been doing and perhaps they will fade and diminish with time or are these what sound like scars from electrolysis.If so are there any topical iontments and creams or salves that will help to alleviate or diminish them some what? I have been using Hydrocortesone and aloe on my skin for several days following a session but Im not sure those would help in aiding skin repiar and any scarring that might be occuring. These dots and indentatations are not large and extremely obvious but they are noticable to the eye and if my skin continues to be pocked through treatments this could become a real problem for me. It only seems to be on my chin area?My upper lip,cheeks and throat seem ok.Any sugestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Without seeing at least a picture, I can only guess.

My guess is that you are doing really aggressive treatment, and it will all smooth out once you get to the point of being able to leave it alone for a while.

I would also advise that you use Tea Tree Oil overnight for speeding up the healing time.

Thanks James
I was hoping that this might be the case. I have 3 weeks of down time now after all our aggressive treatments to clear me as quickly as possable. Hopefully this will give me a better idea of what marks might be on my face to stay and what will diminish over time. I hope so badly that these little pocks and dots fade with time. What about apply vitamin E or neosporin to these areas? Lastly how soon after electrolysis can I think about a day at the beach,I live in SouthFlorida and enjoy spending a day off relaxing at the beach. I always use 30 SPF,is it ok to spend some time in the sun? I have not since beginning my treatments a month and a half ago.

Although surface treatments are ok, you really want the Vitamin E to go inside of you to have greatest effect.

Unlike Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, you may safely tan as little as 72 hours pre or post treatment with electrolysis.

Just make sure you guard against dehydration.

Without seeing at least a picture, I can only guess.

My guess is that you are doing really aggressive treatment, and it will all smooth out once you get to the point of being able to leave it alone for a while.

I would also advise that you use Tea Tree Oil overnight for speeding up the healing time.

Where is a good place to buy Tea Tree Oil? How much should it cost? Is it a stand alone product or an ingredient as part of another product.

I saw some really small bottles of it in a health food store and it was expensive, over $10. It appeared to be a concentrated form and said only to use a few drops. Does that sound about right?


Thanks James,
U r so helpful and quick to reply to concerns and questions,very knowledgable and informed. My Doctor also suggested Mederma and I have been using that for a couple days know. Still seeing the dots and indentations in skin. I will traet for 3 weeks,give my skin a break and then talk to my practtioner about them when I return to continue my treatments. Unfortunately I would rather have to shave then be scarred or pitted. One final thought sometimes I hear a sizzle sound at time through out my treatments. Its not something always but occosionally. Is this normal? Its kind of alarming when I hear the sound.

If you have straight Tea Tree Oil, it is powerful, and most things can be treated with just a drop or two. One would only put ten drops in a bath tub for soaking.

Wal-Mart sells Spring Valley Tea Tree Oil for $5 a 2 oz bottle, NOW brand has mid grade oil in large 4 or 5 oz bottles for $20 and Melaleuca mail order sells a super potency Tea Tree Oil for about $15 per 5.8 ml bottle. You should find a few different brands at your local health food store. It is also available at places like GNC, Walgreens, and some super markets.

Although it is true that the higher potency stuff is better, and has less scent to it, most people are just fine with the less expensive stuff. People with really sensitive skin will need the more pricey higher quality product though.

Spring Valley’s Tea Tree Oil is Pharmaceutical Grade (More than 35% Terpinen-4-ol and less than 5% cineole) while the Melaleuca stuff is at least 40% Terpinen-4-ol and no more than 3% ceneole.

If I remember correctly (meaning I am really going on memory, and not looking this up for perfect accuracy) the perfect tea tree oil would be 45% Terpinen-4-ol and 2-4% ceneole. The higher the ceneole, the stronger the odor, and the more caustic the product becomes. Tea Tree Oil can’t be stored in plastic bottles, because it will melt them over time. Even the plastic bottle cap will melt if you keep a bottle for a year or more.

Just make sure that your tea tree oil is sold in a brown or black bottle because, like hydrogen peroxide, it reacts to light exposure. If you do buy a product sold in a clear bottle, make sure that it is sold in a box, so that it has not lost strength while sitting on a shelf.

Sizzling comes from one of two things, either that follicle has too much moisture for the treatment setting that is being used (that is why we take it in stages, so we can remove hairs needing one setting, change the setting and go back for the ones that require a different setting) or you have experienced a shallow insertion.

In either case, a blow out is likely to occur, and that would leave you with things like temporary white marks, bumps, or pits.

Practitioners need to practice making a full insertion before hitting the pedal, or must get in time with their machine’s automatic treatment delay setting. Too many people are inserting off key with the start of the treatment setting, and therefore discharging energy when the probe is not in the optimum placement inside the follicle. This is a major cause of pitting, blanching, and even scaring at high settings.

Have you checked all the local talent yet?

Hi James
I did not think it was normal to hear a sizzle sound,besides it just being a alarming sound naturally I assumed the application was not being done properly. Its not every time or even constantly happening but has happened on several occassions.I will speak to my electrolysis when she returns from vacation in a couple weeks. Show her the scars Im concerned about and address the sizzling sounds that I should not be experiencing. Do you think this is a good way to address it or should I just look for another electrolysis? I like her allot and her speed is pretty good and I have not experienced allot of regrowth yet on my face.So I feel her kill rate is pretty good.

My friend. Imagine an electrologist who knows who I am doing work on me, and I give her a pointer on how to work on me, and she gets mad, and ignores what I say. Well, that is the normal reaction. I don’t know that there is a good way for a customer to give contructive criticism to someone who is a professional, on the subject of doing their job, but try anyway.

Perhaps some of the ladies can help out on this one. I sure know that I don’t know the best way to phrase this one.