Atlanta: Cosmetic Health Specialists, Inc.

Cosmetic Health Specialists, Inc.

Linda Andrews, CPE, MC<br>
Emi Brack, CPE<br>
Mandy Vineyard, Intern<br>
Jennifer Levine, Intern<br>


Sandy Springs Professional Bldg.
275 Carpenter Dr. Suite 205<br>
Atlanta, GA 30328
(404) 252-4437 / f. (404) 252-0140<br>
e-mail: <a></a>


Monday - Saturday

Description of Practice:<p>

Cosmetic Health Specialists…We create beauty![/b]
Leading Atlanta in PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL techniques for more than 25 years.
We offer all methods of Electrolysis:<p>

[li]Thermolysis - Fast, Fast, Fast for clearing large areas[/li]
[li]Blend - Best results for face and body[/li]
[li]Multi-Needle Galvanic - Maximum results, minimal time for underarms, bikini, beard, and back[/li]
[li]Clinical office environment, Auto-Clave (sterilization used by hospitals) [/li]

[li]Special discounts[/i]: Prepay for (5) five treatments in advance, and recieve 6th treatment free! You save 20%. [/li]
[li]We gladly accept cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard.[/li][/LIST]

Cosmetic Health Specialists’ also specializes in Permanent Cosmetic procedures to enhance Lips. Eyes, Eye-brows, and more. We work regularly in conjuction with plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area to give you that special carefree look you desire. For information mailed to you please call us today.