At what energy levels is LightSheer effective for killing hair?

I have skin type 5 and coarse black hair and I am going to try LightSheer too se how my skin will react. And I want to know at which energy levels (J/cm2) LightSheer is effective for killing hair because I want to compare with what my skin cane take, if you undestand how I meen. I want to see if my skin can take effective energy levels that will actualy kill hair.

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LightSheer should be set to at least 25 joules or so. It can go up to 45-50.

Okay, thankyou lagirl. So if my skin can take 30 J should I stick to LightSheer and not pick IPL? (my practitioner has both systems)

Yes, I would say so. I would still try a spot test first and see if your hair actually sheds at 30 J. The amount of energy to kill the hair varies per person. You need to see that 30J will actually kill YOUR hair on whatever specific area you are doing it. It varies per area as well. 16 J on GentleLASE got rid of most of the hair on my bikini and underarms, but didn’t really affect the one on the stomach that that much.

I see. Maybe you had coarser hair on the bikini area and underarms?
I will see how LightSheer works.

Also I have a question that I worry about. I have seen some new hair growth in areas adjacent to places I have had treated with IPL, that is on the side of my neck (I have had treatments on complete back). Should I worry about this happening on other parts of my body to? I have heard on this forum about this happening to men on their neck and shoulders. Will hair start to grow up the fron of my throat if a treat my chest hair?! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Depnds on the body part being treated. 40J on the beard with a Lightsheer will cause excruciating pain, at least on the first treatment. 28J did nothing on my arms. 40J did better. I went up to 50J on my chest at 100ms, and it was very effective, even on the fine hairs. I think generally, except for the beard, effective treatment starts at 40J, maybe lower if the hair is very coarse.


Thankyou for your thorough answer!
What do you think about that thing that I worry about hair growing further up my neck/throat if I get my chest done? Is this very rare?
I think, ok I will get those hairs with electrolysis, but then I think that maybe electrolysis will scarr me badly and I like my smooth and hair free neck skin because it’s about the only hair free skin I have, hehe. Tragic!

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Yes, this is very rare. You should be fine. A lot of times when you hear about this, people might think that they developed more hair, but in reality they just start paying a lot more attention to all hair on their bodies and might perceive that there is more, while the hair was probably there all along. Another explanation is that in general, everyone develops hair throughout their lives. So something when people report this, this hair might have developed regardless of LHR. Just something to consider…