At home users, why do you are did you choose to do it yourself....


as oppose to in office treatment?


the biggest drawback is of course it is expensive, but also finding someone you trust and who is good.

I think do-it-yourself should run concurrent with pro treatment. Why pay someone to treat areas you can do yourself, as long as you do it right and can tolerate it.


At the time I began, I didn’t have extra money for professional treatment. Plus, we move around a lot and it would be difficult to constantly find new practitioners. Also, an occasional hair will always appear every now and then and it is a simple matter to treat it oneself. My wife had gone to a “professional” with much pain, scabbing, and no permanent results, so you don’t always get what you pay for. For small areas, home treatment has been very successful and satisfying. It was definitely worth the time and effort as compared to the constant struggle of non-permanent methods that produced painful and ugly ingrowns or stubble.


pish, if you’re doing your own in the same area you’re paying a pro to treat, I wouldn’t tell them. They may refuse to treat you there, since you might blame scarring you caused on their treatment.


Most Electrologist should notice this if your doing something on your own! The area that is treated by someone else would be noticeable. If there was scarring or redness in this area when a client returned to me I would question it and write it down, as I would not want to be responsible for any things caused by someone else’s doing!