At a loss....

Had my first electrolysis treatment this past Tuesday. She did an hour and then I went back 2 hours later and my lip and chin had no reaction. So we decided to go ahead and do another hour. When I got home and looked in the mirror, I saw small ‘holes’ in my skin…not a lot, but about 7…is that normal? The next morning I woke up with little things that looked like blisters. They sort of looked like a pimple in the fact that they had a white fluid, like a pimple that needed popping. I also had pink raised marks all over my chin and lip…looks like a bad case of chaffing from shaving???

I called my electrologist and expalined to her what happend. And she said she had never heard of such a reaction. This is someone with 18yrs experience and I can tell she is a really honest woman…she told me to use warm soapy soaks and to put on the tinted colored lotion she gave me and that it should be fine. Well here we are Fri and I’m not fine. I still have some fluid filled blisters (dont know how else to refer to them) and I still have the pink splotchy raised skin! I cant leave the house because its too emabarrasing.

Is this a normal reaction and if so what is a typcial time frame for it to last? Right now I am VERY depressed, this was my only hope and now I dont know that I will be able to continue. My electrologist also said it may not be for me. She wants to try another treatment this Tues but only for 30 min to see if I still have the same reaction…but I’m scared that it will do more damage! Any thoughts would be VERY much appreciated as I’m at my witts end and at my breaking point, I feel like theres no hope for me and my life is going to continue to be a life of seclusion and embarassement!! [color:"#666666"] [/color]

Find some Tea Tree Oil and put it on the treated area. You will look better in a day. In future put it on the treated area overnight at least the day of treatment, if not for a minimum of 3 days post treatment.

You may also wish to make sure that you are sleeping on clean sheets and pillow case that is freash from the laundry that day.

Just keep the skin clean and dry for 3 days, and follow our usual post treatment of Tea Tree Oil overnight, and Aloe Vera during the day and you should be fine.

When you say that you see holes in your skin, are you looking in one of those 7x’s magnification mirrors when you say that, or are you standing conversational distance from a normal mirror? The first one is normal (you have never seen your follicles empty before) the other is not.