At a loss... Any suggestions?

I am a 33 year old woman, and for as long as I can remember, have had soft thin hair on my upper lip, which to be honest, never really bothered me much.

However, in my early 20’s, three very pesky and persistant “whisker” hairs decided to take up lodging on my chin… 2 on the left, 1 on the the right. Disposing of them, with Mom’s advice of tweezing them, I did dilegently every few days for years.

Eventually, every few days, became every few hours. I found myself holed up in the bathroom at work, feverishly doing plucking “touch ups” during my breaks, despite and a full hour of tweezing before leaving the house in the morning! Every part of my public day, was consumed by the hyper-self conscious state that a stray whisker might emerege and God forbid, someone would notice! This hair thing had taken its toll on me, and my self esteem… This hair thing had gone too far!

Now, some 10+ years later, those angry three hairs have managed to spawn themselves, reproducing at rates that would make even the friskiest of rabbits jeleous, - to such a degree that tweezing is no longer an option… I just couldnt tweeze fast enough!

For the last 5 years, my life has been ruled by the hair on my face. Preparing for social outings
meant an additional hour of “de-furring” aside from the usual primping, not to mention that this condition now hindered me with a curfew. I could only safely be “out and about” for 4-5 hours, before having to return home, to stare my nemesis in the mirror and pluck again!

I started waxing at home a year ago, with seemingly much success, initially leaving me hair free for a week if I was lucky. However, I am now waxing daily, and the hair seems to be getting progressively more stubborn, thicker, darker, and having over populated my chin, are now taking up root, sprouting suburbs down the full length of my the front of my neck!

I tried electrolysis briefly, 6 years ago, but found the treatments unsuccessful on 2 counts - during the 3 months that I went weekly, hair growth did not decrease, and in order to grow the hair long enough to actually work on, meant spending my weekends as a shut in, and missing 2 hours worth of work every Monday morning, in order to make the appts. worthwhile.

Additionally, over the years, I have sought the advise of 2 endocrinologists - one who poo-poo’ed me with the “there’s nothing wrong with you” schpeel, to which I agreed saying “Youre right! Guys go crazy over a girl with a full beard!”

And another who noted that I have low estrogen and high androgen levels, which result in symptoms similar to elavated testoterone, and prescribed birth control pills to which also rendered no effect… well, not unless you count acne!

The hair on my face is so thick and dark, and the rate of growth within a 24hr period is approx 1/8 inch! Its insane!

Although I have looked in to them extensively, I cannot afford laser treatments, at this time.

The bottom line… I’m getting married in Aug, and managed to keep my fiance in the dark about this dirty little secret of mine - until we bought a house together this past Nov. Despite his being very understanding, and supportive, I am, in a word: mortified!

Thinking forward, I’d like to be able to actually enjoy my honeymoon (and the rest of my life) free of this shame and preoccupation. What are prices per session running on average these days, and more importantly - what are the chances that I’d see results in the next few months if I tried electrolosys again? Are there perhaps other alternatives or suggestions you could offer?

Any ray of hope to my dark, dire strait would be much appreciated!

Fondest regards,and many thanks!

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At the very least, you can get yourself cleared up in time for you wedding, and that would even spot you 3 weeks for your honeymoon. If you find the right practitioner, you can probably say good bye to all this hair removal attention in 9 to 18 months. This assumes that you don’t have any condition that is increasing your number of hairs as we speak. Of course, even in that case, you could still be visually clear faced and just have pick up appointments every 3 to 6 months once the problem is brought under control.