Association memberships and CEUs

I am looking for ways to learn and grow to provide the best in the area and therefore, I am looking to join the state association. Are there any members willing to share positive benefits of joining the Texas association? In addition, I am very interested in attending workshops that will help me grow and improve my knowledge/experience in electrolysis. Although Electrolysis is unregulated in Texas, I value quality training and continual education in the profession.

Are you a member of Electrology International? It’s a closed Facebook site for electrologists only. If you ask to join, you need to submit information proving you are an electrologist. It is worthwhile to become a member and ask these questions there because many electrologists will chime in and offer information that is helpful to you. Perhaps there are electrologists from Texas her on Hairtell that can help as well.

Back in 1970, I and two of my colleagues formed the Association of Texas Electrologists (ATE). We flourished and by 1990 had over 500 members. By the mid '90s laser started to take over and our membership dwindled down precipitously. By the late '90s the board of directors paved the way for laser techs to join. This diluted the courses we could offer for electrologists at our conventions, Since my main goal in founding the organization was to lift the practice to a professional level. For six years and three sessions of the Texas Legislature I tried to get bills passed to promote the profession through licensing. That failed and once the ATE board managed to get the name changed to Texas Association of Hair Removal Specialists (TAHRS), I sadly had to leave the association for which I’d worked so diligently for so many decades. At this point, I joined the American Electrology Association (AEA) through the Texas Association of Professional Electrologists (TAPE). Through membership in this organization, you can network with electrologists from the U.S. and elsewhere. AEA offers the ONLY recognized certification the Certified Professional Electrologist credential under the auspices of The International Board of Electrologist Certification. In an unlicensed state like Texas, potential clients need to select a nationally certified professional to be sure of getting a knowledgeable electrologist. In addition to the educational seminars offered by TAPE, by attending TAPE and AEA conventions, you can meet many colleagues to get referrals to you when they have a client moving to Texas, and vice versa. TAPE is holding a convention February 29th and March 1st in Houston. Please contact me if you want a seminar registration packet.

Yes, I am very interested in receiving the packet. How so I contact you?