Okay, I am really fed up with incompetent electrologists. Is there a professional out there that does not tweeze and does not destroy your skin? I am wondering if anyone has had work done on the face for fine hair (medium to dark) who is done or near done, who has absolutely no skin damage and wasn’t tweezed. I am tired of wasting my time and money. If someone has, could you please let me know with whom. I don’t care where it is at this point, I have tried many in my area (Ohio). I am coming to believe for every one good electrologist there are 30 that are terrible. I live in a state where licensing is required and that does not even guarantee good service. Am I naive to believe that I could get rid of my hair problem without destroying my skin, or does the skin automatically get damaged?


Yes, good electrolysis provides permanent results leaving skin that is smooth, soft and looking as if it never grew hair.

I hope that someone who has found good work in Ohio posts to you some info, but for the other questions you have raised, your post is very similar to another string here, and you would do well to read it. Here is a link

Proof Electrolysis Works



Your experiences exactly reflect mine when I was starting out as a consumer. The situation in the hair removal industry is very saddening, to say the least. The good part is, that you are looking in the right direction, as many consumers are sold scam hair removal methods, and even laser is universally oversold as permanent hair removal. Also, it is good that you are watchfull not to be given bad treatment, when just too many consumers find things out when it’s already too late. Many others just lose hope.

Don’t lose your hope. Good electrolysis does exist! You will not have any lasting skin damage and your hair problem will remain far in the past.

Are you being too cautious? If you just have scabbing on the face it does not necessarily translate into permanent skin damage. It could be a sign of overtreatment, but minor overtreatment also heals with no lasting marks. I’m talking from experience, as I have treated people who have been overtreated by other electrologists. Their skin (for the most part) healed just fine from past overtreatment during the time they were seeing me. If the hair is coming out fine, you can ask them to lower the settings and see if this makes a difference with your skin reaction. Of course, if the hair does not come out well, and you have noted this to the electrologist with no results, than s/he doesn’t deserve your business. (Get short trial treatments. Some electrologists will do this for free, and you won’t risk your money or skin damage)

I well know your feelings. Hopefully, you can find a good referral local to you. It’s definitely worth it to pursue permanent hair removal for your hair issue. The results will outweigh all the difficulties. I just feel bad if you’ll need to travel very far to achieve this. If you’re stressed out enough, just make an appointment with one of the fine electrologists posting on this forum and do the travel. It’ll be time and money consuming, but it may be worth it emotionally. Or if you still have some fuel to go on, then keep trying. Post your experiences here. It might not be as bad overall as you think.