Asking for money back?

Some of the major posters may now a little of my back story. Long story short, I had more than 5 hours of work done on a unibrow and it looked like nothing had been done. Well, maybe a little less awful. But had no one known I was getting work on t, they would have never have guessed I had any treatments.

I found someone new and after 5 or 6 20 min treatments, it’s infinitely better. There is wry little hair remaining. Most of what remaining is regrowth from the original woman tweezing some. Plus! I’m not left with scabby, crusty holes in my skin like I was with the first woman. I have some marks that I’m sure will diminish some, but will never fully go away.

After finding someone who does such a wonderful job, is getting hair and really killing it, isn’t sending me out the door looking like a popped a cluster of pimples, and isn’t robbing me blind (I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on the original woman for nothing!) do I have a right to demand most, if not all, of my money back from the original? The thought of how muh money i spent with her for nothing against how little money and time I’ve spent with the new woman for actual results literally sickens me.

Also, I apologize for any errors. I’m on my phone me this can’t wait until I get home. It’s been bothering me all day.

Not sure about a refund, that depends on the laws of your country. In NZ refunds are legally obliged to be given in “reasonable circumstances” or if false information has been supplied to the consumer. Rather vague, but keep in mind you always have a right to complain.

Write to your original electrologist and explain your reasons for complaint. Providing evidence for your argument is key. Keep a copy of the letter for your records.

She may offer part or all of the money back for the sake of customer satisfaction. You crabbing onto your mates about her will probably cost her more in the long run in lost income than what she took from you.

I’m not sure where you live and the laws there, but if you feel strongly you can take legal action. Though I’m not sure if the costs of that would be less than the money you’d get in return.

It’s more of a buyer beware scenario, you weren’t scammed and one could make the argument of returning to complete more treatments… Which may/may not have made it easier to kill the hairs… Lesson learned in my opinion!

I finally built up the courage to confront the original electrologist. I know one was an hour, but she says 7were 45 mins, 1 was 30.

That’s 5.75 hrs. $500 minimum. On the GLABELLA!

And nothing was done. I told her that 25% MAYBE was removed, and that was a generous estimate. She offered me $120. I’m sorry, but that’s not good enough. After the treatments I’ve had by someone better, it’s not good enough. 45 minutes at a time on the glabella and beig left with holes and MANY hairs and she acts like that’s normal. I’m floored. (And the real kicker was that she always told me she was doing galvanic, today she said he was doing blend. Nice change in tune there… If only the treatments reflected it.)

Luckily, I kept my composure when she said she “wished I had talked to her about it.” And I reminded her that every treatment, I asked why it was taking so long, how much longer it would take, why I always had such marks and that her response was ALWAYS that I have “very deep roots and very sensitive skin.” When I reminded her of that, she didn’t say a word.

I feel duped. And I told her that. She just tilted her head. Upset and disbelief do t even begin to define my emotions.

Decide what you would deem to be a reasonable amount of money returned, then file a claim in “small claims” court in that amount. I hope you live in the US and that the electrologist does too. Both living in your own town would be even “more perfecter.”

Filing from another country is more difficult, but not impossible.

Paperwork will be sent to the electrologist from the court. In most cases, the person will just pay the money and avoid the embarrassment.

If you do go to court (it’s kind of fun), have all your documentation AND the documentation of the electrologist that did a great job. Without saying you are “going to court” you could ask your successful electrologist to write a brief explanation of what normal fees would be for this area.

IF you were going for “impossible-to-see TINY ‘millions of them’ hairs,” then $500 is not unreasonable. You should, however, see some results.

Bottom line for me: if you can’t see the hairs, for the love of God and MONEY don’t do it! I will not work on such cases for this exact reason: TOO much time and no satisfying result!

I wanted 75% back. Because after all that time at LEAST 75% remained.

I know you talk to a lot of people, but we actually talked a little about it before. If you can find my old posts, I think you commented on all of them. In July, after 5.75 hrs Of treatment (did the math) I bought one of those home electrolysis things. The pictures in there show a great deal of thick dark hair. After 5.75 hrs. Everyone on here told me that was unreasonable. She was doing galvanic (today she said it was blend… Lies). If you find that post ou can see all the hair that remained. That her method was too slow, and it was one to find someone else.

What remained was in no way the impossible hairs. The entire area was pretty much thick, black, coarse hair that after that much time, should have been gone. You can’t see hairs as much now, because I’m going to someone who is doing it properly. But I do have pics from July. Those should help.

I talked to my parents lawyer this am. I called her back and said I want at least 250, which is less than half, because that will cost her a lot less than bad reviews (which my parents lawyer said I could say, but not write down). She said she’d have to get back to me after speaking with her husband. What?!

My parents lawyer said he could write her a letter and she and I proceed from there, but I wanted to start as nicely as possible. She called me back, we talked more, and I told her that she had until 5 to decide because I had to get back to my lawyer tonight. I gave her he choice of $250, or law proceedings. But best of all… She told me I’m blowing his out of proportion. :confused:

I’m just disgusted. I know everyone is different, but her treatments length was unreasonable. I’m more than happy to take her to small claims court. Now it’s turning into the principal of it.

Good for you … you are on the right track!

Actually, you can do a review on: “Rate my Electrologist” … oh ooops, I forgot, it’s not “up” yet!

Take a look at “Rate my Professor” and you can get a nice idea of what an objective review looks like. Professors hate it! I know a professor at a big Eastern school and she’s “mad as hell” at her many bad reviews. I have known her for decades (actually since we were 3-years-old) and the reviews are actually rather kind!

Do we need a “Rate my Electrologist?” YES we do!

You can also do “Yelp” and be specific about the problems. Look, you cannot “slander” someone when you are only telling the truth!

Stupid iPhone! I lost my message :(. Also, forgive the poor ios8 autocorrect.

In short, she and I reached an agreement. She agreed to refund a better portion of y money ($250) and I agree to not defame her on any social media sites, blogs, etc. and you’re rigt, it’s not slander when it’s true. My family’s lawyer told me the same thing. So I approached her with that before goin and further. Poor reviews on yelp, Facebook, etc would cost her so much more than $250. I still would have liked my 75% back (which I feel is still more than fair) but this is in the middle.

I don’t think I can get around that clause/ conditional refund to write on te upcoming rating board… But I can definitely give excellent reviews regarding my current electrologist, whom I can’t speak of highly enough.

And yes, we do need something like Rate My Professor for electrologists. It would have saved me all this time, money, and aggravation.