ashamed scared and IPL


I am a 16 yr old girl who lives in the uk.i have black hair and pale white skin im also quite hairy.its on my back , stomach arms and legs.i hate the summer because everone is wearing little tops and skirts.i just sink into a horrible depression.boys are out of the question cus im so ashamed of my body i hate looking at myself naked and just want to the way ive made this sound i probably sound like a werewolf!
the hairs are fine but theres a lot of them and pale skin shows them one knows about this problem i cant bear to talk about it i find it so embarassing.i want 2 get intensed pulsed light treatment but im worried about the embarassment,the cost and everything.i just feel such a freak and this is ruining my self esteem.
can any body plz plz plz tell me about if they feel the same way ,about IPL ,anything email me at
sorry 4 tha long post and bad punctuation but its 3.30am in england!


whats ipl?


Intensed pulsed light treatment , i think it is also called epilight or epilase something like that anyways…


I suggest looking for a diode or alexandrite laser over IPL. Practitioner skill is the most important thing. Try getting a few treatments on a smaller area to see if you like the result. You may need to get your parents’ permission.

If you like the result, you can try larger areas. Just make sure you have realistic expectations. It’s rare to remove all the hairs in an area completely with laser, but it can reduce thgem significantly, sometimes permanently.