As A Woman, I'm So Tired of Ingrown Hairs...

I have dark skin. Thick, coarse hair. And PFB.

It is so embarrassing. Hyperpigmentation. Acne. Lots and lots of makeup. And lots and lots of tears, over the past 7 years. Advanced Laser Center: a bust. I don’t want to go through this year–with PFB.

Any recommendations? Ideas? I currently live in the Boston/New England area, and am on a bit of a budget.

Your reference to PFB makes me think your hair problem is mainly on your face. Your only real option here is electrolysis. It seems daunting for those on a budget, but there’s nothing else to be done. The initial clearance may seem like a lot of money, but subsequent clearances will cost much less, and keep you pretty much hair free in between, without any awkward shedding period. It will also not damage your skin when performed correctly.

A lot of people here pick just one facial area (cheeks, or chin, or upper lip or eyebrows) and focus on that one area that bothers them the most. This will give you results you are happy with, without breaking the bank. Though I’ve noticed those people end up doing it all eventually anyway (they get addicted, hehe).

For the hyperpigmentation, try reading Skintype Solution, which has a lot of information about the topic. You might be able to use a combination retinoid and pigmentation fader to treat brown spots as they come and continue until after you finish electrolysis and the spots finally all fade.

Absolutely second that, Candela. STS is a great book and has a wonderful forum online. Dr Baumann also writes articles regularly on Yahoo, skin guru.

Best advice is sun protection. My favourite is Nia24 sunscreen- i get a few blocked pores every now and again from this one, but its the best protection I have found that doesn’t make my cheeks go red :slight_smile: I have stopped using it whilst i’m having electrolysis, but will prpbably go back to it to help with any marks left.

All the best,

Pokka x

This forum is super helpful–thank y’all so much.

I have been so afraid that electrolysis is going to make my skin worse–so afraid. All of you are causing me to greatly rethink my original assessment.

You are welcome.

Well done electrolysis will clear out those hairs, leaving a minimum of temporary issues, that would clear up in no time, and future treatments would likely be unremarkable, as the number of hairs decreases and the space between them increases.

I have treated many women with thick coarse ingrown curly coily hairs, and they have finished with smooth skin.

Laser is an option on the face if you have dark coarse dense hair there and lots of it. Otherwise, electrolysis is the only way to go.

I am currently doing electrolysis on a woman who has thick, plastic like hairs that have bulbs that come out looking like bananas. One treatment reduced the number of ingrowns, and allowed the skin to start fading to an even skin tone. We are now going in to our second clearance, and things are going along as scheduled. We finish faster, and her skin looks even better, and she is returning to the full coco and cream skin tone that she should have, instead of the splotchy brown and black patches all over her face and neck.

Of course, she is NOT one of the people who has consented to having her pictures posted, so, you will just have to trust me on this one.

I didn’t say electrolysis won’t work. I said that laser is also an option if the hair is dense and coarse because it would be faster.

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