Article on male-only salons


The 25 November 2002 Minneapolis Star Tribune had an interesting article by Terry Collins “Male-only salons raise some eyebrows, but delight plenty of clients”

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Male salons

Some excerpts:

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Part boutique, part sports bar, grooming-conscious shops such as Schmidty’s in Minneapolis’ Uptown hope the push to clean up Today’s Male won’t remain hush-hush much longer.

Male salons are nothing new in Europe, on the East and West coasts or in other major U.S. cities. Thanks in large part to buffed actors and athletes, men are becoming more concerned about personal hygiene, body image and style.

True, said Jon English, owner of the trendy Jon English Salon on W. Lake Street in Uptown. For three years, his Men’s Room male salon, which caters to men only and is located downstairs from his salon, has been an underground delight for many who find out by word-of-mouth.
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Sounds like a cool idea. A pedicure and foot massage would probably feel great after a workout. I’d pass on the toenail polish though.
A leg waxing might be a good idea too. It would be nice to be able to go for a whole month not having to shave the legs.