art of shaving vs. tend skin


i tried tend skin before and it seemed to work…but tonite i saw another product on that was called The Art of Shaving…it was Ingrown Hair Night Cream, Rose Absolute. This product claims to be made of 100% natural products (even lists the ingredients). It’s also about $5 cheaper than TendSkin…and I’d get a discount on top of that.
I just wanted to know if anybody had tried this product and how it worked for them. I know not everybody is concerned with using natural products…and I’m sure nobody has died from using chemical products…and have and do use them all the time myself. I just thot that I’d see if anybody knew about it before I spent my money.


I am going to check it out. I know that the best products are the products that containg salicylic acid - this is the active ingredient in Asparin. There are many on the market that contain this and most are less expensive than tendskin.

To prevent razor burn/bumps, you should also make sure that you are shaving correctly. Incorrect shaving can cause irritation which can lead to more bumps and redness. There is an excellent shaving guide on ebay called Facial Mapping. It cost about $4.00 and will teach you all you need to know about shaving. It also suggest some products to use. Just do a search on Ebay for facial mapping. If you can’t find it, just email me and I will send you a link. my email is