I tried the one touch tonight…i can’t tell if it’s working or not. Out of about 10 hairs only one came out. I’m so frustrated! I’m having a difficult time getting the probe into the follicle. Does anyone know what size the probes are(the ones that come in the one touch)? I think it is too big for my hair follicles. Any suggestions on how to thin it out or what size I should buy?

They are probably a 6, which is somewhat large. The only way to use something smaller would be to rebuild part or all of the unit with a professional stylus (not too expensive an option and much easier to use than the spring loaded probes of the One Touch).

Thanks for replying nohair!

I need smaller probes but rebuiding the one touch seems like a difficult task. What other options are there (if any)?


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You could do a very minimal rebuild by buying a stylus for $20 and cutting off the end (it’s just a single wire). Then wrap, solder or tape the wire to the One Touch stylus where the needle is inserted after removing the tip guide. You’d have to buy probes for the new stylus (another $20 for a box of 50). You could even step on the One Touch stylus band to use it as a foot switch (it would probably be a good idea to wrap the band with a salty wet sponge for better electrical contact with your bare foot).

If that’s too tricky for you, I’d imagine you’d also have difficulty inserting a probe into a follicle and you’d be better off going to a pro that can handle it.

Parts list is listed at

I have been able to reduce the diameter of the One Touch stylus by removing the stylus from the holder and sanding it on a piece of 800 or 1000 grit sandpaper (can be purchased at most automotive stores). The idea is to sandwich the probe between your finger and the sandpaper (while holding the larger part of the stylus with the other fingers) and drawing it toward you over the sandpaper. Each time you draw it toward you, you should rotate it so that it remains round. Since the skin if flexible and doesn’t sand as easy you should be able to reduce the diameter of the wire before you remove too much skin.

You could also place a thin piece of plastic over your finger to protect it but for me it hasn’t been necessary.

If you can’t replace the holder with one that can accept smaller probes this should work as a quick fix!